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Solving crimes, serving citizens or monitoring offenders are complex puzzles. To assemble the pieces, state agencies need access to diverse information from disparate sources. We help these agencies share real-time, confidential information, generate actionable intelligence, and make more informed decisions as they protect our health, our nation, and our way of life. Our clients turn to us to help them solve the industry’s largest challenges.


Improving Information Sharing


Optimizing Workflows


Reducing Cost of Data Sharing


Improving the IT to Business Relationship


Improving Data Quality


Improving Officer Safety


Improving Public Safety


Information Sharing Portals, Cross Agency Collaboration, Identity and Privacy Management, Data Quality Management.

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National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM), Security Framework.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies Information Sharing System Project

The Client needed to enable statewide sharing of information and consolidation of reports across criminal justice agencies, while eliminating redundancy between disjointed systems. They launched a project to share information between different but intersecting agencies, enhance business processes, and improve public safety within their state.

Electronic Disposition Reporting

The state supreme court hosts a data repository that receives data updates from all district courts within the state on a daily basis. The reporting interval between disposition of a court case and the update of that disposition into the state criminal history repository was often times weeks or months because there was not a standardized method to report the data electronically.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project

The CJIS system is a statewide cooperative project between state and local criminal justice agencies within the State.

IT Modernization and Cloud Migration Project

This statewide public safety organization planned a multi-phase effort to modernize the systems that make up the state’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) applications. CJIS provides law enforcement information and civil applicant processing to assist thousands of statewide police officers and citizens requesting background check services.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project

The state needed to integrate its many different databases to allow authorized users to access criminal data as well as implement workflows to increase productivity for the user community. We were engaged to design, build, and deploy a cost-effective solution that supported rapid development, integration, and deployment.

Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Project

The state needed to replace their aging CCH, concealed firearms permitting, protection order and warrants applications with newer technologies.

Electronic Deposition Reporting (EDR)

The state needed to a means to receive court case dispositions from a broad array of court case management applications. They needed a way to process dispositions electronically and in a standards based fashion.