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Sprintpark is Now a Certified AWS IoT Core Service Delivery Partner

Sprintpark is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with 100+ certifications, approved as an AWS Managed Services Provider and member of the Service Delivery Partner program. Our cutting-edge solutions help customers to drive business growth and cover Cloud Transformation/Migration, Managed Services, Data and Analytics, AI/ML, and IoT/Edge. We have experience in many industries, including Healthcare, BFSI, Government (US, state, and local), and manufacturing.


Cloud Service Catalog & IT Storefront


Cloud Consumption Management


Governance, Policies, and Compliance

Cloud Provisioning & Orchestration

Cloud resources provisioning, Scale up/down, service request workflow automation.

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Cloud Monitoring & Performance

Centralized cloud resource monitoring, alerting & notifications, self-service for Many in Online.

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Most common Cloud Solutions and services

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Cloud Migration

Leveraging a suite of industry-proven approaches, tools, and accelerators, we align your cloud ambitions with seamless result-oriented digital transformation. We drive faster time-to-value with our near-zero risk cloud migration offerings. As we update ourselves on the latest AWS technologies, we leverage our tried and tested methodologies to craft a seamless migration process. We make sure that our cloud migration and optimization efforts align with your business goals and help you achieve measurable results.

AWS Managed Services

Our AWS Managed Services are modern in design, focus on automation, declarative configuration, leverage Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning (AI/ML), and promote self-service. As a next-gen AWS MSP Partner (recognized for three times in a row) we deliver value to customers by offering support in four key areas

AWS IOT Services

Innova is a certified AWS IoT core service delivery partner. We enable devices to aggregate and filter data locally which reduces cloud storage and ensures the devices respond in real-time. Along with edge computing which is tailored to unique industry scenarios we also leverage AWS Wavelength enabling you to take full advantage of the latency and bandwidth benefits offered by modern 5G networks. Additionally, with AWS IoT Greengrass we ensure that devices not only act locally on the data they generate, but also execute predictions based on ML models, filter the data, and only transmit necessary information to the cloud.

Microsoft Modernization on AWS

Migrating your Windows environment to AWS is the intelligent choice for your business! With AWS, you’ll enjoy a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can quickly adapt to your needs. Plus, with robust security features like encryption, identity and access management, and network security, you’ll never have to worry about your data being compromised. AWS also provides management and automation tools to help streamline your operations and reduce your administrative burden, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities.